Here’s the scenario:

Your company has decided that it needs to publish four press releases a quarter in order to leverage the Internet marketing, content marketing, and public relations opportunities created from online releases.

The question is:

How do you come up with enough topics to create quality releases each and every quarter?

Actually, there are a bunch of ways. And many of them are right under your nose.

Consider the following strategies as you create press releases for your company throughout the next year of operation. By the end of it, you’ll have figured out which work best for you, your company, and your audience, and you’ll be prepared to increase your content marketing initiatives in the years to come.

Editorial Calendar

SEO press releases are an integral part of a company’s content marketing strategy. Businesses should have an editorial calendar that helps them understand what topics they are going to cover each month, where they will be published, and how each piece of content can align with the company’s overall marketing strategy.

When writing a press release, a copywriter can use information from the editorial calendar to determine the topics for a specific month. Then they can look at the keywords that the company wants to cover and how they relate to the monthly topic. This helps to determine content for SEO press releases that guarantee quality and coordination with marketing efforts.

Company Milestones

Another way to find ideas for content for releases is to cover company milestones. These milestones can include the original business launch, when a company website goes online, the addition of key personnel, and even new products or services that will be released to the market. Any type of company information that is considered newsworthy is good content for a release.

Writers should talk with the marketing department and sales department to learn about major changes in the business over the next several months. That will help to create a series of press releases that are worthy of market attention.

Get Innovative

Companies strive to be market leaders. When they create innovative services and products that help to resolve major problems for their market, this is newsworthy information. The more innovative an organization is, the more valuable content a writer will have when creating press releases.

Not only will these SEO press releases help the company gain exposure for new offerings, it will go a long way to establishing the organization’s reputation as a thought leader.

This designation is important for many reasons. Journalists want information that sells.

If you are a leader in your field, what you say matters to your market. A journalist will be more inclined to review press releases from a market leader than they will from an ordinary business in the same field.

If you have a reputation of a thought leader, consumers will also give more weight to what you have to say. This attracts high-ranking bloggers who want to publish information that interests their readers.

Trade shows

If your company regularly attends trade shows, it should be using the information gleaned from them in press releases.

Make your market aware of when you are appearing in the area and what type of information you will be relating at the trade show. Most companies try to coordinate trade show appearances with new offerings. Let people in your market know that you are going to be appearing in the area and that you’ll be displaying your latest product for review.

This kind of information is often the resource that websites use if they relay news to specific groups. For example, if a company caters to general contractors, then they will be interested in publishing information about a company that creates construction products that is appearing at a specific trade show.

Host an Event

Even if you don’t regularly attend trade shows, you can host an event to allow the public to see specific products and services in action. This type of event is newsworthy and is good content to include in a quarterly press release.

Events and trade shows are also good opportunities to include images or videos in a press release. Press releases that include visual content gain more exposure and are more likely to be utilized by journalists and bloggers.

Be Active

Consumers like to know that businesses are active in the local community. Organizations often gain the reputation of only being interested in sales. When a company participates in charitable events or helps the community to grow it shows that it does care about its customers and the people in its market.

If your company is active in the community, you should reveal this information in your quarterly press releases. If you’re not active in the community you may want to consider participating in local events. Don’t do this just for the publicity, do this because this is something that you care about and you want to show customers that behind the corporate façade, is a group of individuals that have their own ties to the local area.


Many small businesses often come together to offer new services or products to their customer base. This type of information is great content for a press release. It helps to show customers that the business cares about them and is looking to find new ways to serve their needs. It is also great publicity when a company is looking to further its reputation as a thought leader.

If an organization knows that there is a specific area that is not being served for its customer base, it should consider collaborating with another small business. By combining marketing efforts and resources, both small businesses can extend their reach and increase their ability to compete with larger businesses in the same market.

Businesses may be reluctant to create an SEO press release because they feel that they don’t have any information that would be considered newsworthy. There are often many missed opportunities for the company to gain extra publicity, market share, and increase its search engine rankings. Creating a press release strategy isn’t enough. The strategy needs to be backed up with legitimate topic ideas to create quality content.

Company milestones, content for other areas of marketing, innovation, charitable activities, trade shows and events, as well as collaborating with other small businesses all provide good subject matter for an SEO press release. Make sure to include this type of information in your marketing editorial calendar so that writers understand what they need to include in the next scheduled press release.

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