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As of April 2020, there were about 4.57 billion active internet users worldwide, making up 59 percent of the global population. Now more than ever, there’s tremendous opportunity for businesses to increase their presence online and see sales and profits grow like never before.

With many businesses leaping at the chance to grow by harnessing the marketing potential of the internet, there’s a general acceptance among marketers that content will always be king. While building a strong online presence can propel businesses to greater heights, it’s not a low-hanging fruit.

The following blog post explains how to step past your inner critic and create great content that engages online visitors and keeps them yearning for more.

Step past your inner critic and develop heartfelt content

4.57 billion active internet users worldwide equals tremendous opportunity for businesses to grow their online presence, sales, and profits. The key? Heartfelt content. ♥ Learn more in this recap of a live talk from @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

Live Talk Recap: Creating Content That Converts: How to Step Past Your Inner Critic

Looking for ways to create content that delivers real results for your business? Check out these insightful tips from Julia McCoy’s live talk on Facebook this April 2020, called How to Step Past Your Inner Critic & Develop Heartfelt Content. This is a presentation she’s written and given for other audiences. Watch the replay here!

Get the slides to Julia’s talk here.

Creating Content That Does Matter

In this information era, content is increasing in volume as the general attention span continues to diminish. When people search the internet, they expect to get quick answers to their questions.

When writing content for a brand, you’ll need to ask them to provide you with a description of the kind of content that they’re looking for. Equipped with this information, you’ll need to come up with the appropriate topics and keywords for the content you intend to produce.

How do we get our content read?

How do you get content read? Know your audience, tap into your most authentic self (your inner creativity ), and know your topics/keywords. More tips for engaging, heartfelt content: Click To Tweet

A great way to generate topics and keywords that’ll rank well on local SERPs is to type in and search potential topics and keywords that online visitors might be searching.

You don’t have to use the exact topics and keywords that top-ranking sites use, but can find inspiration to craft catchy titles and choose relevant keywords for your content. The ultimate goal must be to provide content that online users will find with minimal hassle.

Writing content that matters to online users forms a foundation for consistent ROI.

Creating Content That Engages

Informing readers is one thing, getting them engaged is a totally different thing.

Online readers don’t just want to get informed – they also want to be engaged from the very beginning. Therefore, you should endeavor to create content that captivates your readers while solving the problems they may have.

This may involve conducting a lot of research to understand the problems your target readers may have and providing workable solutions to those problems in a way that readers understand easily. Choosing the appropriate narrative perspective for your target audience is also vital to keep readers engaged. Additionally, use a professional yet friendly voice that makes your audience connect with you.

Reader engagement, or the lack of it, can make all the difference when it comes to determining how long readers remain hooked to your content.

Creating Content That Adds Value to Your Existing Content

Before creating content, ask yourself if the message you intend to convey is useful. In SEO, useful content refers to any content that brings something new to the existing body of knowledge. Your content doesn’t have to be a novel to be considered useful. You can research topics that have already been covered and introduce a new angle to them.

To create content that is TEN TIMES better than the top-ranking piece found in Google ranking for that topic, you have to follow a series of steps.

What is 10x content?

To create content that is 10x better than the top-ranking piece found in Google : 1) Gain deep insight into your topic and get to the core of what people care about. 2) Present content in a unique and powerful way. Learn more: Click To Tweet

First off, you’ll need to gain deep insight into the topic you’re going to write about. This is the only way to get to the core of what people care about. You’ll also have to be exceptional in your approach to writing the piece. If you have a witty side, for example, use it to keep your readers glued to their screens.

Another way to create valuable content is to develop powerful methods that provide online users with the answers they’re looking for. For example, you can use data and statistics to corroborate your claims and provide correct links to such sources. Make sure you use credible sources to gain the trust of your audience.

Finally, present content in a unique and powerful way that’ll grab the attention of online users. This may come down to knowing your content differentiation factor. For example, using visual aids such as quality photos and videos can help to emphasize the message you want to communicate to your audience.

Consistently Publishing Content

Posting high-quality SEO content isn’t a magic bullet that’ll get your website ranking well overnight. You have to produce a consistent stream of quality content before your efforts bear fruit. You must observe discipline and practice patience to succeed in the highly competitive world of online marketing.

Consistently publish 10x content

Posting high-quality SEO content isn’t a magic bullet that’ll get your website ranking well overnight. You have to produce a consistent stream of quality content before your efforts bear fruit. Click To Tweet

The good news is, you can always convert existing content into multiple formats to improve its ranking. For instance, you can turn your most popular blog posts into a downloadable e-book.

Learning from Industry Leaders

Like other professions, writing SEO content requires a lot of hard work and persistence – it takes time to perfect. In this digital era, you must be willing to learn new skills to keep up with the demands of your clients.

There are lots of experienced SEO writers out there willing to help other niche players develop their skills. You can stay ahead of the curve by relying on industry gurus for tips and guidance on how to master your trade.

Learn from the best influencers in your industry

@JuliaEMcCoy recommends staying ahead of the content curve by relying on industry gurus for tips and guidance on how to master your trade ‍ . Some of her fave experts: @CMIcontent @annhandley @AmyPorterfield @marieforleo @smartbloggerhq Click To Tweet

Everyone needs help from the best to become the best at what they do.

Tap Into Your Own Creativity to Find Success

The internet is flooded with content – and online users are overwhelmed by it. For your content to rank well in Google or other search engines, it must capture the attention of online visitors and make them want to read the entire piece.

As the appetite for quality online content increases and the general attention span plummets, you must find inspiration from your inner muse. Connecting with the inner self is the only way to create content that appeals to the hearts of readers. It’s an incredible power that holds the roadmap for achieving success in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Remember, epic content converts!

Get the slides for Julia’s talk here.

Get the slides from Julia's live talk